1. Fishnet and combat boots boudoir - Pittsburgh Boudoir Session

    07 Jun 2021
    When this babe brought fishnets and combat boots to her boudoir session, I about died. And then when she brought THE HEAT during her session, I definitely died. I love when my clients get edgy and daring with their boudoir outfits, and give me options for variety! I love that…

  2. Jean skirt boudoir outfit - Pittsburgh boudoir

    28 May 2021

  3. B-A-N-A-N-A-S over JoLynn

    01 May 2021

  4. Monica’s 50th birthday

    15 Mar 2021
    Monica moved here from Ecuador with her two children, leaving all their belongings behind to pursue a happier, healthier life. She has faced adversity, loss, confusion and many challenges, but still she still rose from the ashes. Monica is beautiful on the outside, indeed. But the light in her soul…

  5. Miss L

    12 Mar 2021
    This is probably the first of many sessions with Erica. I came across her website last year when I saw a bunch of different boudoir photography on social media. I’ve struggled with self confidence and body image most of my life. It hasn’t been easy for me to embrace my…

  6. Catlynn

    24 Feb 2021

  7. Kayli, Round THREE!

    13 Feb 2021
    Hey, it’s me again! Although this is my 3rd session since February 2020, I wasn’t feeling so hot in the weeks leading up to my session. Between the pandemic, heightened anxiety/depression, introducing medications, and everyday stress, I have gained a significant amount of weight since April 2020.As soon as Erica…

  8. Emerald Sheets for this Ruby

    10 Feb 2021

  9. Heather

    28 Sep 2020

  10. Erika

    10 Sep 2020

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