Kayli, Round THREE!

Hey, it’s me again! Although this is my 3rd session since February 2020, I wasn’t feeling so hot in the weeks leading up to my session. Between the pandemic, heightened anxiety/depression, introducing medications, and everyday stress, I have gained a significant amount of weight since April 2020.

As soon as Erica listed her Valentine’s Mini sessions, I knew it would be the perfect opportunity for a confidence boost. My first session in February 2020 was all for me - it was “Dirty 30” theme for my 30th birthday (see her birthday shoot here).  My second session in July 2020 was a best friends boudoir shoot. I had already decided, especially with the Valentine’s Day theme, this one was for hubby. Over the last year, despite all of the hardship, losses, stress, and health problems, our relationship has strengthened in ways I never thought possible. Not only would I end up getting a much-needed confidence boost, but my hubby got the delicious (sexy) fruits of my labor ;)

I have always been “heavier” by society’s standards, and the extra (quarantine) weight really made me have doubts about myself, my self-esteem, my worth. I had the most difficult time picking out my outfits as nothing fit how it used to. After discussing some options with Erica, I decided to go for it…or without it in my case. I wanted to show off the curves that I’ve gained and really became comfortable in my skin.

Erica has helped me love myself again.  I swear she is a life coach and photographer all wrapped in one. My body has been through two pregnancies (both c-sections) and other social, emotional, psychological traumas in my life. Despite all the negative things I have heard and thought about myself, I came out on top…feeling like a million bucks. As you’ll see in the blog, my hubby was very happy with the outcome as well, both in photo form and the impact this experience has had on my mental/emotional health.

For the ladies that are still unsure if they are “made” for boudoir, the answer is HELL YES YOU ARE! There is no shame, whether you are size 00 or size 2000, age 18 or age 80, YOU ARE PERFECT. Like me, you just may need a little nudge of help to see that side of yourself.

I very much look forward to future sessions with Erica as she grows and develops in her already remarkable craft, and I hope to further push my own boundaries with self-love and self-respect.

Happy Valentine’s Day <3

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