Pittsburgh's Luxury Boudoir Studio

Maybe you're here to celebrate a special event for your partner,

Or a goal that you, of course, CRUSHED! 

You're celebrating a life change,

Or a milestone. 

We are here to celebrate YOU

We love creating portraits that honor your individuality, strength and magic, and creating an experience for you to feel how beautiful all of that is about you! 

Hi, I'm Erica! 

I'm a boudoir photographer, wife and cat mom - but really I'm a woman on a self-love journey, loving every moment I get to help others do the same! 

Body shaming became a pretty big struggle for me in 2012. I felt like I had no place in the world, like I would never be good enough, be beautiful enough. I was so afraid of the world seeing me. But I just knew there had to be other women who wanted a safe place to not only be themselves, but LOVE themselves. I started Revolution to use boudoir photography to help women see themselves in a whole new light. 

I am here to help you celebrate and honor all that you are, maybe for the first time ever!  To help strip the filter society put on your self image. 

I'm ready to give you a transformative, healing experience, portraits that show what a masterpiece you are, and luxury products to remind you every day! Are you ready? 

I'm ready for this empowering experience! 



Let's chat! 

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We can't wait to empower you! 

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