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  1. “For a year, I told myself I couldn’t do it”

    24 Mar 2019

    “From a very young age, I had been told my body was imperfect. The feminine role model I had in my life- my mother- is someone who is perpetually unhappy with her body, always trying fad diets, weight watchers, and anything she can to lose weight. I inherited those feelings…

  2. {Morgan}

    22 Feb 2019

  3. Chelsea {Revolution Reveals}

    25 Jan 2019

    Hi ladies!! My name is Chelsea. I’m 25 years old, I love kids (although i don’t have any) and i love sweet little kittens too. My favorite things to do are read, draw/paint, although i’m not that great at it, and I also love a good Netflix binge session. i’m…

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