Boudoir isn't just for couples! 

In 2023 we are throwing out the idea that boudoir is only for romantic partners! I've done a handful of best friend boudoir sessions in the past but this one was unlike anything I've done before. I had struggled with the idea of adding couple's boudoir to my business for years. Any time someone asked me, I would tell them I don't offer couples because I would rather focus on empowering individual women - it's what I felt most comfortable with. The very idea of doing something outside of that comfort terrified me so I made every excuse to not face the truth. Sound familiar? 

But one day I felt a surge of inspiration and messaged Diva, my muse. We had done a honey shoot together before but I never did one with a couple and had SO many ideas come to me. Of course she was down for it with her friend Sade! It's no surprise we ended up having SO much fun, I don't remember the last time I laughed that hard! I will NEVER forget the gulping sounds Diva made when Sade was waterboarding her with champagne - I literally had to put my camera down I was laughing SO hard.  Diva always gets tortured in my studio, I swear hahaha (Sorry, girl!!)

On top of having an absolute BLAST, I learned so much during this shoot. I learned that I am very capable of doing things that scare me, and that doing such things is ALWAYS worth it. (I have another story for this later!) I learned that the only thing that gets in my way is indeed myself. I discovered that love and intimacy doesn't just belong in a marriage/partnership. AND I learned love and intimacy isn't scary. 

But most significantly, I found out the reason I had actually been avoiding couples boudoir was because I did find love and intimacy scary at times. WHEW, that's some shadow work, huh?! It's truly a beautiful thing to be able to learn, grow and heal right along with my Revolution family! I'm so thankful for all the growth and inspiration they ALL bring to me! 

And I'm thankful for you reading this far because I'm sure you are absolutely ready to see "the shoot that changed the game"! 

So, without further ado, Diva & Sade: 

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